Mould & Damp Surveys

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Does your property have damp or mould?
Mould is a microscopic organism that requires the following to grow:* Any organic material (for example, wood or paper)* Oxygen* Moisture*
Mould usually destroys whatever it grows on and gradually digests it. Mould also releases tiny spores that can travel through the air, these spores have mycotoxins and allergens attached to them that affect our health and cause allergic reactions.If your home is suffering with any type of mould you want the best mould treatment and a quick and effective solution. Infectious Control ™️ use a Thermal Imaging Camera and moisture detectors to find the mould and damp spots not visible to the naked eye with no damage to the property. Once we have written our full assessment we will submit a proposal of remediation. 
Moulds are unsightly and destructive, and if left unattended may cause irreversible loss to decor, furnishings, fabrics and personal effects, as well as compromising your air quality. Living with moulds or accompanying moulds for long periods is unhealthy potentially leading to health issues especially in young children, the elderly or people with weak or compromised immune systems, the presence of visible mould  represents a sustained water/moisture problem most likely caused through a leak or simple humidity created by lifestyle condensation. Cooking, showering, drying clothes indoors and breathing without adequate ventilation can all cause excess moisture. Droplets can form on indoor surfaces such as mirrors, windowsills and walls, particularly when its cold.