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Specialised Cleaning and Decontamination.

"our job is not only to clean and restore contaminated areas, but to also reduce any risk to human health"


We disinfect and clean all contaminated sites with products that have been vigorously tested and proven to combat the most varied types of Virus, Bacteria, Mycobacterium, Bacterial spores and Fungi.

For example : 

  • HIV, H1N1, 

  • Hepatitis A, B, C & D, 

  • SARS-CoV-2 & Mutations,

  • MERS-CoV,

  • SARS-CoV,

  • Tuberculosis,

  • C.difficile,

  • Norovirus,

  • MRSA,

  • Leptospira,

  • Salmonella,

  • Aspergillus.

In many varied environments including but not limited too: 

  • Housing,

  • Hospitals,

  • Mobile testing and Scanners, 

  • GP surgeries, 

  • Schools and Education Providers, 

  • Pre schools and Nurseries, 

  • Care Home and Community Care, 

  • Homeless Shelters, 

  • Public Transport, 

  • Cruise Ships and Ferries, 

  • Emergency Vehicles, 

  • Prison and Cells, 

  • Mortuaries and Crematoriums.

In any Contaminated environment there are high risks of cross contamination and or contagion/ infection, Infectious Control™️ Technicians are highly trained to use strong disinfection in these areas. Only the use of high strength products and dedicated cleaning, can allow us to offer a guarantee of cleanliness and issue a clean area hygiene certificate.

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