Infection Prevention

 Between 2016 and 2018 over 52,000 used needles that were discarded were reported to local authorities in the UK. These needles can pose a significant risk to human health through needle prick accidents. 
The real risk of Blood Bourne Viruses and infection of Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D and HIV are a growing concern. 
Needles, Sharps and Drug paraphernalia are found in play parks, behind industrial units, in woods and park lands, by schools and in hoarded/ abandoned houses as an example. 
Infectious Control™️ Are highly trained and skilled at Sweeping areas to identify this Biomedical Hazard, remove and send for destruction, disinfecting the area so no infection risk remains present.  
Do not in any circumstances pick up or disturb any used needles or related waste, contact your local authorities or police if you discover them, if you are a private company call us direct.