Mr Mould Surveyors will visit yours or your clients property, there we will carry out a full Survey and Investigation.
Various tools and meters will be used for measuring air quality, moisture content of the internal and external building envelope, relative humidity readings and logging, temperature logging, if weather conditions permit a drone for roof, chimney and guttering inspection as well as thermal imaging cameras. 
Once completed we will if requested send a full documented report including digital photographs and thermal imaging pictures with our remediation suggest and quotation. 
Our aim to to work with you in all aspects for your overall satisfaction.



A mould survey discovers the presence of mould and fungal development in the air, on surfaces, and inside the materials of your home.
Increased and prolonged mould development and fungal  activity might cause material decay along with discolouration. A Mr Mould Survey is a crucial step in quality control following post water damage and mould restoration works, in particular immediately after  “sewage/ waste /Category B or higher” water loss. 
The main cause of mould is excessive moisture, either as a result of condensation or damp. Mould fuses this moisture as food, so regardless of how many times you paint over it, if you don’t fix the actual issues, it will return!

Apartment Building


If you are suffering from respiratory illness you believe is being caused by your home, a thorough Healthy Home inspection including a mould survey is a must. 

If you are planning to sell your property, or are potentially purchasing as a family home, an investment or as an HMO, the finding of mould plus the damp problems that causes it can drastically decrease the value and attractiveness of the house. If you’re a property manager and you don’t take action to resolve mould in one of your properties, you could find yourself sued in criminal courts for neglect.

There are several advantages of a Mould Survey including:

Mould detection and fungal development, which isn’t always apparent to the naked eye. A survey can differentiate between fungal growth and previous staining. A mould survey could form part of a home Buying or Letting service.

Mould surveying prior to tenants.

Pre and Post Mould Survey inspections after remediation work has been arranged then completed.

In The Lab


What will a Mould Survey Report Include?
When performing a Mould Survey, samples will be extracted from the air and surface areas in an completely non-destructive process. These samples will be sent to our labrotory partners for testing and analysis (Depending on choice of survey) or they will be incubated and grown in our incubation centre.  A full written report will be completed and presented including all Thermal Imaging and associated pictures or imaging taken including drone footage if applicable. The client could can also ask for further invasive material testing as part of the survey, where material samples can be screened for penetrative mould infestation or fungal growth.